Prayer Blog-A World(view) of Difference
Mark Barbee

A World(view) of Difference

Heroes of Faith Series

There are two vastly different worldviews on display today in the United States.  The distinctions have never been more clear.  One is a socialist utopian view that focuses on “social justice”, “income inequality” (redistribution of wealth) and above all, government control.  It is naïve, failing to account for (and even excusing) human sin.  It’s a culture of death; abortion on one end and euthanasia on the other.  Rights to sin are protected and rights to worship are not.  This view point has infected our culture and threatens to destroy it.  It erases our history and tears down our institutions.  It is far worse than a Covid virus.  The proponents of this view are in denial of every fact that doesn’t fit their narrative.  Pseudo-science, a form of religion, rules and often ignores facts that don’t fit.  Information is controlled by the media and God is replaced by government.

But there is good news!  There is another worldview that is based on Judeo-Christian values and morality.  This is the traditional American view where government provides public safety and national security, not income equality.  Government should be limited so that individual rights are protected.  Religious liberty is protected, not trampled on.  The traditional view is that morality is important and necessary for civil society.  Work is rewarded.  Rights come from God, not government or the Supreme Court.  Healthcare is not a right and should not be imposed by government.  Science is a servant of man, not a dictator.  Proven science is not politicized.  This views sees the good in our society and wants to preserve it.  A free media should reflect a diversity of thought, not daily talking points from a radical left elite, as is much of the mainstream media.

Our history is to be cherished, not rewritten or canceled by a handful of radicals pushing a false narrative.  (Here I am putting on my history teacher hat.)  Our flag and our anthem are to be cherished, not used for protest.

Yes, there has been a gradual erosion of our culture over the last fifty years and now we see the bitter fruit of it.  At every juncture we have taken man’s way over God’s.  This has often happened despite the will of the American people who have often been presented with false choices or judicial tyranny.  And yet, we have also let it happen.

It is still true that “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12.

There is a cultural civil war today and the outcome is uncertain.  But there are Christian leaders like Dr. James Dobson who have stood for decades against the erosion of our culture.  Dr. James Dobson (84) and his wife Shirley deserve our thanks.  They have “Focus(ed) on the Family for decades and have given solid biblical advice for families, child raising, and standing against the culture of secular humanism.  He has never claimed to be prophet, but many of his predictions and warnings have come true.  He continues to share his concerns with the body of Christ.  They are worth reading on his website.  Shirley also spent years as the chairperson for the National Day of Prayer.

Thank you Lord, for heroes like James and Shirley Dobson who have been a voice of reason and biblical truth in a decaying culture.  Thank you that they have inspired many others to stand for biblical values and truth. 

We grieve in our spirits over what we have seen these last few months.  We pray for a spirit of repentance to fall upon this land.  We pray that the false idols of sports and entertainment will be replaced by people seeking truth and purpose beyond a game or a team. 

Lord, you’ve brought our country to a screeching halt.  We pray that people will look around and see what’s really important.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Next week I will have news of how you can be part of a prayer effort in the month of September.