9-24 Praying for a Turning Point
Mark Barbee

We are preparing and already praying for The Return of our Nation to God!  Hundreds of thousands will gather on the Washington Mall on this Saturday to pray and repent on behalf of America.  We admit that we have largely turned from God and relied on false gods.  We admit that we have drifted from simple truths such as righteousness, morality, and putting God above other gods.  We have our priorities backwards. Here at FCC, we will be watching the simulcast of The Return this Saturday, September 26, in the chapel/clubhouse and be led in prayer by many national leaders through the day.  We will begin at 9:00 and finish at 5:00.  

As we believers return to the Lord, let us pray for a Turning Point in this nation.  God has allowed judgments to fall upon us for twenty years.  There have been foreign attacks, natural disasters, financial disasters, a pandemic, and violence in our streets.  God is trying to get our attention in the midst of all this.  We may not have all the answers, but Jesus is the Answer.

All the dysfunction in our society comes from sin, the corruption of all people from the time of Adam and Eve.  No matter what race or ethnicity, we are all tainted by it.  Jesus came and died for those sins and offered His kingdom to those who would receive it.  He is the Prince of Peace for those who receive Him.

We invite you to join us, and believers from other churches, this Saturday at any part of the day you can come.  Please use entrance H. 

Lord, how we need your intervention and mercy in this land.  Lord, help us to return to you, not just for a day.  Help us to be leaven in our society to overcome evil with good.  Help us to return love for hate; To return to truth versus lies and deceptions; to be faithful to You in contrast to apostate, nominal Christians who don’t know or care what Jesus taught.

Lord, we pray for safety for all those who will travel and meet in Washington to be safe and powerful in their prayers.  Bless the leaders of this event.  We pray for those who will gather in local towns and cities to participate via broadcasts.  We pray also for Franklin Graham’s march down the mall at noon.  Thank you for uniting the believers across this nation for a day.  

Let us not be weary in well-doing for in due time we will reap a harvest.  Let us return to the Cross!

It is the cross, my only plea

The blood He shed delivers me

Our Savior’s arms are open wide

A love so great the cross of Christ!