Prayer for the Court (10/22)
Mark Barbee

Let’s begin our devotional this week with something that is very urgent for our society.  The confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the United States Supreme Court.  She would probably follow the pattern of former justice Antonin Scalia in a Christian worldview that is also constitutional, not liberal activism.  This prayer comes from our friends at Family Research Council.  

  • Father, thank you for what our Founding Fathers called Providence, referring to your oversight, care, and establishment of your will in human history. Thank you that we are at what many have called a tipping point. We have done all we know to repent, we’ve prayed and sought your face, and now we are looking for your hand of mercy to tip our nation, not in the direction that we deserve, but in the direction of your grace, forgiveness, goodness, and mercy, and the fulfillment of your purpose, will, and destiny for our nation. Lord, restore righteousness and justice in our legal system, in the U.S. Supreme Court, and in all our courts. Grant Amy Barrett and America her speedy confirmation. And may all the justices who were appointed because of their conservative background and constitutional fidelity maintain their fidelity and not fall away as some before them have done. Use the court to function as our Founders intended: to interpret the law and judge difficult cases, not make the law. May they be defenders of the 1st Amendment and not accomplices to those who wish to tear it down. In Jesus’ name, amen. (Ex 18:19-21; Dt 1:16-18, 10:17-21; 2 Chr 19:6; Pro 9:10; Is 5:20-21, 33:22; Ja 4:12)

Someone said recently that the Supreme Court sessions still begin with “God save the court”.  But how sad that this very court has made such anti-god decisions in recent years.  How tragic that they opened the door years ago to 60 million aborted babies.  They have more recently struck down the amendments passed in 36 states to define marriage as between a man and a woman.  All they (the court) have done in 47 years is create more confusion and division in our society.  Their Roe v. Wade decision in ’73 was “godless, arbitrary and unconstitutional”.  That decision alone still puts America under God’s judgment and endangers millions more innocent babies.  Without more conservative justices, will their next decision be to legalize infanticide?  What can stop them?  Abortion up to the day of birth is already legal in New York.  

If you don’t yet understand the danger, read Senator Ted Cruz’s new book called One Vote Away.

Let us never forget that God’s court is really the Supreme one.  Laws that flaunt his truth cannot stand forever.  The court was wrong in 1856 when it said that slaves were not humans deserving of equality and protection under law.  A Civil War ended that wrong decision in ten years.  Unfortunately, the 1973 decision has lasted a lot longer.  It has brought division and havoc in our society.  While many other things, like racism, are blamed for our problems, the bigger dividing wedge is abortion.  It is behind extreme feminism.  It is behind hatred throughout our society of those who would oppose abortion.  After all, God fearing people have been called deplorables, bigots, archaic, mean, anti-woman and you name it.  All because we want to protect all women, including those in the womb.  

Just remember that any attacks on Judge Barrett are based on the insanity of protecting abortion.  The enemies of life will stop at nothing to uphold what some consider their sacred right.  They will say she is too religious, too Catholic, or make up some other line of attack.  Since when do our leaders have to be atheists or secularists who oppose their own church on major issues like this?

It is much better to fear God than to fear the mob, or the voters, or the “woke” culture, or whatever else the enemy of faith comes up with.  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”