The Alphabet of Prayer (5/5/22)
Mark Barbee

I have enjoyed doing these prayer blogs for the last two years. A new season has arrived since I am retiring this month. I will still do some of these, though not as often.

Hope you enjoy this acrostic approach.

A- Prayer Allows God to take over our affairs.
B- Prayer is Beseeching a Benevolent God
C- Prayer is when the Cares of this world are taken to Christ
D- Prayer Delights God and Delights our soul.
E- Prayer begins with Effort and Ends in Ecstasy
F- Prayer Follows after Fellowship with God
G- Prayer extols the Greatness of our God
H- Prayer is Honoring God with our Praises
I- Introspection helps us to pray- Ps. 51:10 and Ps. 139:23
J- Jerusalem’s Peace is Part of our prayer- Ps. 122:6
K- Kneeling helps our focus in prayer
L- Prayer Leads us to a closer walk with God
M- Prayer Meditates on God’s character and laws
N- In the Name of Jesus is how we pray
O- Prayer Opens the Gate to blessings
P- Peace comes from prayer-“What a Friend We Have in Jesus”
Q- Quality time with God comes through prayer and praise
R- Prayer Rejoices in God’s glory and blessings
S- Prayer Starts a fire in our hearts
T- Prayer Takes the problems of this world to the doors of heaven
U- Prayer Unleashes God’s power in our lives
V- The Veil was torn so we can enter the Holy of Holies in prayer
W- Prayer thanks God for Wonderful things in His law and word
X- Prayer Exhilarates our soul. (At least it rhymes!)
Y- Prayer Yields our will to His
Z- Prayer brings blessings from Zion, God’s presence with His people

Lord, thank you for being such an awesome God. Thank you that prayer brings us into a personal walk with you. Thank you that we can pray any time of day, in any circumstance. Thank you that you never sleep or slumber: you are there any hour of the night and day. May your Name be praised and the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Thank you for the power of your Holy Spirit that energizes our prayers. We give our lives to you afresh. Thank you for continued blessings. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.